Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone is a Specialty Massage where the therapist uses the Stones as extension of their own hands. Light or medium pressure is applied to the body.

Benefits of Hot Stone

  • Pain relief- good for Fibromyalgia and Arthitis
  • Stress relief-reduces Anxiety
  • Increased Joint Flexibilty
  • Decreased Muscle tension-reduces Inflammation
  • Better sleep

Intensely comforting and remarkably gentle, hot stone massage is a unique pampering experience that is perfect with many of the benefits of deep tissue work. With hot stone massage therapy, the heat conducted by the smooth stones used during the massage loosen and relax tense muscles, promoting deep relaxation that allows a massage therapist to manipulate the muscle intensely without causing pain or discomfort.

Hot stone massage offers many benefits. The warmth of the stones is welcomed by clients, it can spread warmth and also increase circulation throughout the body. Hot stone massage effectively zaps tension, relieves stress, and many report its ability to alleviate symptoms of disorders like depression, insomnia and arthritic stiffness.

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